I guess the old saying "Mo Money Mo Problems" is definitely true for Ja Rule. He currently in prison serving charges for being found in New York City with a gun on his person. When he is finished with that prison time he has to report to a federal prison to serve time for tax evasion. Now the state of New Jersey where he lives hit him with a 4.3 MILLION dollar tax lien. Which is crazy Ja Rule hasn't had a hit song or album in a decade. How can he have a LIL WAYNE type tax bill ? Did he never pay taxes in his life ? The tax lien which addressed to his Sadle River, N.J. home. Also mentioned in the lien was Ja's wife, that means Ja Rule's family maybe homeless if the state gov seizes his house in the tax settlement ! End result : Pay your taxes and dont get into RAP BEEF which can end your career.