"We are family" that's the song I hear every time I think of this time of the year! 

So this past weekend, my entire family and I made our way to Washington DC for our yearly Patrick Family Reunion. We got to visit the White House, pet the President Dog, have a family banquet and family BBQ where we got play a great game of kick ball and of course music..... guess who played DJ...ME! lol I had everyone doing all the line dances!

 A family reunion is something that my family has done every year since I was born.  When I was young my grandfather would pack us all up in the motor-home and we would drive to Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and many other states and cities. Each year my family reunion is hosted in a different city and or state. What I love most about our family reunions is being able to see family I haven't seen in years and to also get to know family I have never met. What I love most is being around the older family members and listening to them talk about how they first started this tradition and how they work hard to keep this tradition going.

Now that I am a bit older I have a better understanding of the importance of family reunions. I love my family and I am ready to take on the very same responsibility that my grandfather did to keep this tradition going and for generations to come. With that being said in 2013 my family reunion will be here in Buffalo, I'm excited to get this ball rolling.

What is your family tradition and how was your family reunion this year?