Watching the news can be disheartening especially when it hits home. I learned a friend of mine was shot and killed early Sunday morning. The news anchor was also on the scene reporting another shooting on Wilson street Sunday night. In my hometown Buffalo, New York we see these situations far too often. You always hear about another person gunned down. But it hurts the same everytime. Homicide can ruin lives. Not just the victim or offender but, also those around them.

I had just spoke to him last week. We were able to catch up for a minute about school days when he called the station for a shout out. The neighborhood won’t be the same without him. I can’t recall exactly how many individuals I’ve known lose their life to gun violence. I often wonder why my generation is so dangerous and what the youth growing up now has to look forward to. How would our ancestors feel? African American males have the highest homicide and prison rates in the country.

Black on Black crime is an issue we have struggled with for years. When will the violence stop?  Can we ever live among each other peacefully? Will our people ever learn how to manage their anger? Questions we can ask over and over but may never come up with the right answer.

In memory of  Damone Eady