"We've definitely allowed a killer to run loose in the black community. This killer is responsible for more deaths than drugs or black-on-black crime. This killer makes all age groups its victims, stalking its prey during all hours of the day and night. This killer is responsible for the high infant mortality rate and the slow, miserable death of many of our senior citizens. This killer is the diet of the African American people." That was from the book "From The Browder File" by Anthony T. Browder which is also featured in the Know Thyself Book Club.

In my opinion, critical thinking is so important when it comes to our daily living and we all should question everything and teach those around us to do the same. When I decided to make a conscious decision years ago to become a vegetarian, I did it for several reasons with the most important one being my health! I became consciously aware that I was putting a dead organism into a living organism (my body, my temple) that sometimes takes days to digest and pass through the body, sometimes leaving remnants of rotten flesh that sits on the colon.

This short documentary/Rap sheds light on the importance of eating healthy and reconsidering the foods that we consume.

Right Knowledge, Corrects Wrong Behavior! Know Thyself!

Hotep Fam,