With the current stalemate going on in Washington (and a President that may use his executive order in the situation), the financial disparity of the financial gap of three different ethnic groups, continued high unemployment rates (especially among African-Americans in this country), more people of color incarcerated than there were during slavery in the 1800’s, soaring dropout rates in the public school system across the country, crime rates at an all-time high, massive war spending with no progress in sight and many other issues and concerns.

This country is just about 235 years old; America is a relatively young country considering others in the world. But what is the root or common denominator that has driven us to this point? Is the emphasis that we place on material wealth? Is it the outsourcing of jobs to other countries? How about our mass consumption of goods; and our low production of goods and services?

So, with all that said, what is really going on with America? What do you think?