Soul Food can be described as Southern or comfort food that has its origins in the south and American slavery.  Around 300-1619, the first group of Africans landed in America in Jamestown, Virginia. These slaves were farmers, fishermen; they raised cattle and introduced a number of plants and seeds to plant various vegetables and crops that we now enjoy here in America.

Have you ever really thought about or meditated on the word SOUL? Webster’s Dictionary defines the word soul as: the spirit in a person (as opposed to the body). Now when I think of the word spirit I think of energy as a way to define the word spirit. I like to look at and examine just about everything on a spiritual/energy level. So back to the word SOUL, how much does this word have to do with solar or the solar system (which has everything to do with the sun)?

How about the solar plexus in our bodies and those 7 energy wheels we call chakras that are in alignment with the seven planets above (as strange as it may sound, don’t believe a word I say research and examine it for yourself)?

Slaves had to create their meals from the leftovers that the slave master did not eat. They were given the lowest of the lowest from the pig (intestines, feet, snout, ears, etc.,) to create meals for themselves as a means of survival. The key word is ‘survival’ through the ingredients that they were given at that time.

Today our community suffers from some of the most extreme dis-eases like heart dis-ease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Soul food is killing us because we have attached a death sentence to the word ‘soul’ and have not connected to the word’s true origin and meaning! All you have to do is research, study and read and things will begin to fall in place and you will have a better understanding of how we operate as children of the sun in our universes.