Is It Time To Send Out A Message By Not Voting Republican Or Democrat? (But, for a third-party)


Our community and families are faced with enormous challenges today. There was a new study released yesterday on the Racial Wealth Gap being the Worst in 25 years; the economic affairs in the black community are horrible. According to the study, the wealth gap between white and black Americans has become the widest that it has been in the last 25 years. As it stands, whites have a wealth level that is 20 times greater than blacks, and 18 times greater than Hispanics.

The wealth gap is the largest it’s been since officials began tracking these stats back in 1984. There are a number of other statistics that we could get into with reference to the unemployment rate, incarceration, high drop, teenage pregnancy and more!

Some say the empire is dead and crumbling before our very eyes. Some also say that the current system is so out of whack that it is beyond repair.