I have never been one to get involved with politics, but it seems that the more I check my reality checks, the more I realize that this country may be in way too deep with a number of things.

Economic inequality has been a mainstay in this country since its founding. The unemployment rate continues to grow, and Blacks are affected disproportionately to whites. In other words, the unemployment rate for Blacks is double that of white Americans, and when the recession is over for everyone else, the downturn for Blacks will continue to be felt.

What about the mass incarceration rates in the United States, which have a devastating effect on minorities and their families? The current criminal justice system cripples the Black family at holocaust levels. The penal system capitalizes on the incarceration of human beings while destroying human life!

Education reform is another very important area of concern that needs to be addressed by this president. Not only for the funding needed to fix schools and provide competent teachers, but also a curriculum needs to be put in place that reflects the image and history of Black students attending public schools across this nation.

Is it time for Obama to address the needs of Black people in America? What do you think?