I'm perplexed this morning!  It's part of my job and duty to you (the Reader) to create daily Blogs concerning Current Events and Items of Public Interest.  While presenting information we "try" and do so in manner such that our personal opinions are put aside.  It's very difficult to do at times...but we manage.

One area of personal concern is "Today's Music", which at time warrants a personal opinion that IS NOT in support of the music that's presented and in some cases regarding even the music we play which is popular with the younger generations.  I've complained in the past about some of the images portrayed in Beyonce, Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and others' music videos and songs and many have agreed.

While it's uncomfortable disagreeing with what some people may LOVE and SUPPORT...I'm of the opinion that there are times when things are taken just a bit TOO FAR... FAR ENOUGH TO THE EXTENT THAT IT'S OFFENSIVE AND HARMFUL...harmful especially to our Youth.  Today is one of those days for me as I have encountered a GROSSLY OFFENSIVE VIDEO on one of my Facebook Friend's pages.

It's obvious that I'm DISTURBED...but I'll just leave it at that and yield to you to offer your comments regarding the Video below...AND... my question.  My questions is this:  With the acceptance of Same Sex Unions in our Society... IS IT OK TO COMPLAIN ABOUT WHAT MAY BE TAKING THINGS A BIT TOO FAR? ...and Ultimately...regarding the Video in question: DO I HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS TOO??????