Image Coach Monica Wayne says that: “The image that we choose to project is one of our most powerful forms of expression and communication. Not only is it about the styles, colors and fabrics we choose but on a foundational level, what we wear reflects what we think and feel about ourselves—and we call this our inner image.”

Our inner image is made up of our memories of what we were told as we grew up about what suited us and what didn’t, what others believed about us, who we modeled as we grew up, the decisions we made about our physical image and about our self-opinion, our self-identity and our attitudes towards ourselves.

Is our youth today perceived by the clothes that they wear? Or how they present themselves in public places? Back in the day it was stressed upon children that when you leave the house you must always remember that you represent your parents and your family—do these values still exist today?

Your image tells others who and what you are!