Erica Dixon of LHHATL doesn't have the best luck when it comes to the guys she chooses to date. After a failed relationship with O'Shea Da Model and dipping back into her past real quick with Lil Scrappy, its seems she may have actually settled down...or did she?

Buzz was flying when she was spotted at a Buffalo Bills game and it didn't take long before it was cleat who she was coming to see. Erica who is reporedly dating NFL Baller Duke Williams was cozied up on instagram a short while after and I can name at least one person that didn't like it, his longtime model girlfriend Nazia, Toronto!

It's estimated that Duke has been balancing Erica and Nazia simultaneously for at least the past month. We found out about Nazia after she  commented under one of his Instagram pics when she found out he was a two timing dog, Duke's the real MVP.