Drake’s fascination with Aaliyah is no secret. He’s mentioned her in countless songs, such as “We’ll Be Fine,” and even sampled her music in "Unforgettable," his collaboration with Young Jeezy.

Earlier this year, the rapper Instagrammed a picture of himself at the gym, shirtless, featuring a tattoo of Aaliyah’s face on his back.

Earlier this week, the rapper got the numbers “416,” his hometown Toronto’s area code, and “116,” a homage to Aaliyah’s birthday of January 16, tattooed on his side.

Rumors of a new Aaliyah album have been circulating, and Sunday's drop of “Enough Said” featuring -- who else? -- Drake confirmed it. It was also revealed that Drake will be the album's executive producer.

The general consensus is that Drake’s obsession with Aaliyah is a bit extreme, but many feel that Drake is a musician and Aaliyah is his muse. So, we’d like to know what our listeners think! Take the poll below, and let us know how you feel Drake is handling his admiration of the beautiful, late songstress!