That's the golden question that I'm having trouble finding the answer to. It looks as if owning and operating a business In Buffalo Is an easy 1.2.3, but It's more to the equation, apparently. I understand Buffalo Is definitely on the rise, but my concern Is, are the city leaders really trying to increase the number of local business owners or make way for multi-million dollar franchises?

James Grys, owner of a new gentleman's club in Buffalo, says that he hasn't been able to operate his business because of Council David Franzyk. Grys has put at least a half million dollars Into renovating an old postal building, which he couldn't physically open Its doors. It's easy to get a building permit, but to get In front of the Council Is the hard part. According to WGRZ, Grys has opened his door for business, but why Is It such a hassle to get the support from the City of Buffalo?