A few days ago, I wrote a post talking about the food places Buffalo needed. I had no idea a few day's later I'd hear about Chick-fil-A possibly coming to set up shop in Buffalo. When I say people are really excited, you'd think Donald Trump came out and said he's not running for president! Funny right? Yeah, I thought so too, but thats not the case today.

Buffalo Is about to experience the goodness of juicy fried, breaded, tender tasting chick fillets on a bun that Is groomed with love and care. Basically what I'm saying Is "EAT MORE CHICKEN", cause that's exactly what's about to happen.

I read this story via WIVB, so I had to do a write up on It. Take our funny poll below, Are you skipping work or school for the opening day of Chick Fil-A? I AM!