Don’t you just hate when people pop up at your house unannounced. Well for the second time in a month a man has tried to jump the white house fence and gain entrance into the white house. The secret services men and women have been under fire lately due to the lack of protection for the president - lucky he and his family were not home at the time of the break in.

“President Barack Obama and his daughters had just left the White House on Friday evening for Camp David when a man, identified by the Secret Service as Omar J. Gonzalez, 42, of Copperas Cove, Texas, climbed the north fence, darted across the lawn and into the residence.

The breach triggered a rare evacuation of much of the White House. Secret Service officers drew their guns as they rushed staffers and journalists out a side door.

First lady Michelle Obama had traveled separately to the presidential retreat in Maryland.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on national security, called the incident "totally unacceptable" and said it was just one of a string of security failings on the Secret Service's watch.

"Unfortunately, they are failing to do their job," said Chaffetz, R-Utah. "These are good men and women, but the Secret Service leadership has a lot of questions to answer."

"Was the door open?" he added incredulously.”

It’s has to be hard to feel safe when the people paid to protect you keep dropping the ball. I hope the secret services men and women can get it together so nothing happens to our president. For more details on this story Click Here, and stay connected with me @SteelBoutMoney