In light of 5 Year-Old Eain Brooks losing his life even after his Grandmother reportedly warned CPS that the child was being abused... one can't help but wonder...Is Child Protective Services effective?  It probably is...however there's a HUMAN ELEMENT involved in just about everything...even within an entity that's designed to PROTECT!

As the Buffalo area mourns the Child Abuse related death of 5 Year-Old Eain Brooks, we're reminded of a similar incident in which 10 Year-Old Abdifatah Mohamud called 911 himself on two different occasions to complain about being abused by his Step-Father.  The 10 Year-Old's body was later found bound & gagged and had been beaten & struck repeatedly with a rolling pin.  In this case, 911 called Child Protective Services immediately to report the complaints.  The boy's death raised questions as to whether Child Protective Services did enough to follow up and possibly remove the boy from the home.

Now about a year or so later, Eain Brooks Grandmother reportedly called Child Protection Services to report her grandchild being "terrorized" by Matthew Kuzdzal (her grandson's mother's boyfriend) and the Agency is being scrutinized again regarding their intervention due to 5 Year-Old Eain Brooks' death at the apparent hands of Matthew Kuzdzal...the same person the grandmother called Child Protective Services to complain about.

Relative to 10 Year-Old Abdifatah Mohamud's case where he personally called CPS...the Agency refused to comment on the case... or should we re-phrase that by saying CPS WAS ALLOWED TO REFUSE TO COMMENT.  We (the General Public) haven't heard much more about that case as it relates to CPS and their accountability....and here we are agin with accusations being aimed at CPS such that they SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING based on the Grandmother's Warnings.  Will CPS be REQUIRED to respond to their possible shortcomings or be allowed to REFUSE TO RESPOND and not be held accountable?

Child Abuse is SECRET and there is an entity in place that is designed to PROTECT CHILDREN upon notification...but with the two highly publicized deaths of 10 Year-Old Abdifatah Mohamud... and now Eain Brooks...the question is even more pressing...DID, IS, and DOES ERIE COUNTY CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES DO ENOUGH TO PROTECT CHILDREN IN ERIE COUNTY?


Here are some disturbing examples of Child Abuse (***WARNING*** THE VIDEOS ARE EXTREMELY DISTURBING)