I keep seeing people post this video (below) on Facebook and it makes me wonder about the Church and it's practices.  The video below shows a Service where a guy is claiming to be GAY...NO LONGER!  The guy says he's been "Delivered"!!!  The celebration seems a bit EXTREME to me as well as all the chaos taking place around the gentleman.

With respect to those who DO believe in The Lord; is God REALLY celebrating like this along with the parishioners...or is He perplexed such as I am?  I'm perplexed because I'm wondering if the celebration would be as intense if someone announced they'd been "Delivered" from stealing, lying, gluttony (eating too much), etc.  I thought that God doesn't discriminate!!!!

The celebrations don't seem as "electric" relative to the "LITTLE SINS"... but oh boy....those BIG SINS... Whooooo!!!!  However... according to "The Word";
"ALL SIN IS EQUAL".  So why the BIGGER celebration regarding Sexual Sin as opposed to SMALLER celebrations regarding the LITTLE SINS.

Why are there practices within "The Church" which are so far removed from what "The Word" actually says????  It's a million dollar question!

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