The latest entry into the BIG DUMMY FILES is 60 year old Arlinda Yarbrough of Memphis, TN. Let me give you the back story on this, 48-year-old Brenda Mitchell of Memphis is facing child abuse charges after she beat her 16-year-old daughter (who's also a mother) with an extension cord for skipping school.

When a local reporter went to Brenda's home seeking comment from family and friends, he came upon Arlinda Yarbrough who offered this commentary: "I'm 60 years old and I beat the sh-t out of my kids if they skip school or steal or anything. I'm from the old school." Quick! Someone call CPS. You never get on TV and admit to a crime (child abuse) regardless of how right you think it is. That's the only reason Arlinda is going in the BIG DUMMY FILES. As for her and Brenda's old school parenting style her daughter is 16 with a child I think its a little to late for the extension chord.