After surviving a lawsuit by an Executive Producer of the original 1989 Steel Magnolias, the re-make..Steel Magnolias 2012...aired on the Lifetime Netwrok this past week and captured the Third Highest Viewership Rating  compared to all other program EVER on the network... according to If you missed the RECORD BREAKING VIEWING ON LIFETIME of STEEL MAGNOLIAS 2012 starring Queen Latifah (M'Lynn), Phylicia Rashad (Clairee), Jill Scott (Truvy), Alfre Woodard (Ouiser), Adepero Oduye (Annelle), and Condola Rashad (Shelby), you can watch a few of the scenes from the movie below...and TAKE THE POLL: Which Steel Magnolia Are You?

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Catch the ENCORE PRESENTATION OF STEEL MAGNOLIAS 2012 on Lifetime this Saturday, Oct 13 @ 8PM / 7PM Central Time.  Here's the trailer:

LADIES...TAKE THE POLL: Which Steel Magnolia are you?