In 1992 Ice T was considered a menace to society, today he is a voice of reason.

Check out this video interview of OG Rapper/Actor/Director Ice T as he spits that Gangsta ish about Reality TV 'Housewives', poser rappers on commercial radio and why Coco is the perfect wife. Also check out the trailer for his directorial debut of the "Art of Rap".

Ice Loves Coco!

“I’m much more of a Bonnie and Clyde dude…When I seen Coco, I was like ‘damn, this is the caliber of female I’m looking at. Now, I didn’t care if she was black, white, [it] doesn’t really matter to me. When I got at her, she was just what I was looking for.

Coco came in and became my assistant, helped me get my life together…since I been with her, I’ve tripled my income. You gon’ keep a woman that helps you make money. So we’ve been together now 11 years. It’s been beautiful. And I live by the rule: ‘One down [expletive] equals ten funky hoes.’”

Aww Ice, you had me at funky hoes!  What is your idea of the perfect wife?


Ice's directorial debut features Nas, Eminem, Rakim, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and your favorite rapper's favortie rapper. The film "From Nothing to Something: The Art of Rap" is showing in select cities this summer.