DJ Bandana Black takes the #IAmBuffalo Challenge after hearing that a small child within Our City may not have had a book bag to start the school year off with he immediately knew that something could be done ASAP. Less than 30 minutes after posting a stat on his Facebook page (Click Here) asking for help for the young child, several people from throughout the City reached out to help. Thank you to everyone who reached out to help this truly shows good charter and good people are here in Buffalo NY.Often you hear about this City is full of hate or that the City has no unity and things of that nature. But for years DJ Bandana Black has built strong relationships with people from all parts of the City, so when some of those same people seen this was something he was trying to do without a second thought they helped out right away. There is love in the City and there are people here who are proud to be here and from here who don't mind helping out when they can. This is our City and its up to us to be there for each other when needed We Are Buffalo. #IAmBuffalo


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