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Today’s topic comes from a female listener:

“Please help me on this situation. I’m a female, late 20s engaged to be married. My fiancé is demanding that I completely cut ties with 2 male friends that I have been great friends with for years. The crazy part of it is he has met all my friends and I really don’t see what the issue is.

He says he trusts me but feels that these 2 guy friends have more than friend feelings for me and calling or having brunch are not appropriate. We used to hang at one another’s homes, my fiancé included & he sees the sibling connection so I’m wondering where is this new insecurity coming from?

Is it written somewhere that when you get married you have to cut the opposite sex loose? I care about all my friends male & female so tell me is this rational request? If he had female friends from childhood/highschool, I would not have a problem if they were good friends! I am willing to do it but it’s a bit over the top. BTW, I and these guys talk about the same thing me & my girlfriends, strictly platonic.

Can you help me understand this ?