Chicago's own Hundo has just released arguably one of the hottest projects of 2016 thus far. Now im going to be 100 percent honest Im not the biggest fan of Drill music, so judging from the cover I was prepared to hear a Bunch of Lean Drinking Opp shooting raps glorifying the horrific conditions in which we have all been shown a great part of Chicago lives in. But after taking a honest listen I can say that Hundo Officially has a new fan. Although he is from Chicago with this projects he takes a different approach than what we all have been shown lately for Chiraq. Hundo shows us the outcome of these war stories we see in the videos from how it affected his child hood and his thoughts on life. this project gives true insight on how it feels to be within those conditions but striving for better days. I salute Hundo for taking this approach which was greatly needed in the rap game right now. Im sure you all will love this project as much as I have, which is another reason it took me so long to review it because I have been listening to it almost every day lol. Make sure you check it out and share with your friends.


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