Kanye West's "Father Stretch My Hands Pt 1" has been a fan favorite since 'Ye debuted The Life of Pablo in Madison Square Garden last month. Production of the track has largely been credited by fans to Metro Boomin, whose now famous "If young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you" drop plays prior to the beat kicking in. But the song's production was, according to credits, completed by seven people: Metro, West, Mike Dean, Rick Rubin, Allen Ritter, DJDS and Noah Goldstein. Now producer/DJ Hudson Mohawke, who also had a hand in producing a few songs off the album, is giving props to the Atlanta-based beat maker for doing what he thinks is very little on the song.

Mohawke recently took to Twitter with a seemingly backhanded compliment to the budding Atlanta super-producer for capitalizing off the shine he has received for being known as the creator of the track. "Seriously tho shout out to young metro for building some viral shit off an existing song he added a few additional drums to," he wrote, "that's a smart kid honestly."

He later noted that he has multiple versions of the track in his possession, but the songs will probably never be heard by the general public. "Man I want to post the 6 Hudmo versions of father stretch my hands but again too much potential bullshit and clickbait," he posted.

Hudson has proven in the past he's not one to hold his tongue. Earlier this month he threatened to leak songs from Kanye West and Drake for non payment as well as reasons similar to what he claims Metro did. “Literally about to release zip of Kanye and Drake songs I’ve done that I got [zero] for,” he wrote before later deleting. “Mannn so tired of making careers for ppl who take my work n add 1 hi hat n take all the credit…exhausting shit,” he added.

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