As the warm weather starts the BIG DUMMIES are coming out in full force.  There are two BIG DUMMIES tonight both cases of stupidity happened in downtown Buffalo.  The first BIG DUMMY is the Bank Robber who robbed the HSBC in downtown Buffalo in the middle of the day and he casually walked away when the dye pack bursted leaving evidence all over downtown.  This has to be one of the worst planned bank robberies in bank robbing history.  You decide to rob the down town bank in the middle of the day and really expect to walk away ?  My guess is he will be caught in the next 24 hours if he isn't that says a lot about the F.B.I.. 

Big Dummy Number 2 is also happened in downtown Buffalo a man was just released from jail TODAY.  He was taking a trip and ran into some one he had a previous beef with.  When he saw this person it was on, he started a fight and during the brawl he dropped his jail I.D. and was arrested later on.  Fresh out then fresh back in.  I hope whatever him and the other guy were beefing about was worth spending a couple of hours free only to return right back to jail.  Salute to both of these BIG DUMMIES.  It looks like we have an exciting summer on our hands Buffalo we have got to do better.