Author and Entrepreneur Daniel Freeman checked in to talk about his new book How To Make a Dollar out of 15 cents. This is not only a famous line from Tupac's Keep Ya Head up but a guide to getting your money right.

Daniel Freeman is from one of the roughest areas in America Compton, Ca. He went to law school opened several business and has a great insight on finances. A lot of people starting from the bottom don't really understand how finances work. People think they have made it when they really only have a whole lot of debt. This book is guide to really getting your money right starting from the bottom a good guide for all ages. This book can explain how and why to buy a car/real estate/stock/etc.

It's a very simple read no big terms or words you won't understand. It tells you why certain things financially make sense and certain things you have been taught are all the way wrong. For more information on the book hit up his site www.dollar15.com