For many of us twitter addicts having more followers is a great success. So with that said I would just like to share with you three things I have done and am still doing to create a great following for myself.

1.) obviously you have to actually tweet to gain peoples attention. One thing I have found successful is#TrendingTopics, even at times creating my own #Trends to catch followers attention. For example I created a trending topic #RandomThingsBandanaBlackHates, where I would end it of with something funny. For example #RandomThingsBandanaBlackHates: People who call private and leave a message just saying "Hey Call Me Back" with no return phone number.

2.) Have an interesting profile picture. One thing I do is make sure I switch my profile picture at least once every 2 weeks. I also make sure that if I DJ any hot parties I use one of those pictures as my profile pictures.

3.) Re-tweet other interesting tweets. This helps because not only will your followers see this but also the followers of the person you are re-tweeting and most times they will follow you because one of their followers is obviously following you.