If you were homeless and you found a credit card on the ground, what would you do ? Maybe get some food a place to stay for the night, drugs alcohol, whatever your homeless vice? Maybe your a good samaritin homeless person and you would've turned it in ?

Welcome the newest entry into the BIG DUMMY FILES Jonah Lee Troutman, The homeless 27-year-old was arrested Saturday in Volusia County, Fla. after he found a woman's credit card on a sidewalk and TRIED TO USE IT TO PAY FOR A PEDICURE. He told police he thought the Mastercard was a gift card and that finding it was a "blessing from god."

He took the card and his crusty feet to a local salon and after he got his feet did, Troutman went to Nancy’s Nails and received a $20 pedicure. However, after a worker tried twice to process the payment for the foot beautification, the card came back as declined. An employee then called the cops. Jonah and his "PRETTY" feet were arrested. SMH out of ALL THE THINGS IN THE WORLD A PEDICURE !!!!!!