Ever since 9/11/2011, the Government has used "Homeland" security as a way to slowly but surly strip away the privacy rights of the American People. First the Patriot Act, then the NDAA and now Police have unmaned flying drones that can see through the wall of your home and kill you while your sleeping. 

Legislation signed by President Obama directs the Federal Aviation Administration to allow remotely controlled drones to be used by law enforcement agencies. Police and first responders will have the authority to fly unmanned drones weighing less than 4.4 pounds at altitudes under 400 feet, with drones of all sizes to be permitted by the FAA by September 30, 2015. Previously, the use of drones was restricted in civilian airspace due to safety concerns surrounding the obstruction of larger aircraft. Successful lobbying of drone makers, however, was able to overturn the ruling.

While reading a blog on Police Drones on BeforeItsNews.com, I came across this comment:

I live inthe same County as Insitu, the company that makes most of the drones the military uses in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc. Commissioners are approving federal funding to lauch one of the most widespread tests of this technology on me and everyone else living here. We are soon here to see many of these drones, hummingbirds, bees, and related mini cameras flying around our neighborhoods.
Although some U.S cops in cities elsewhere have a few drones already, Klickitat County, Washington, will be the first place where widespread, constant survellience and testing, etc. will take place. This summer. I wonder if it is open hunting on these things, and what's the penalty for shooting down a drone on your property?

If this is your first time hearing about this, watch this:

Since when did Officer Bob become a US Solider?

We as Americans have to remind our local Police that they are not the military and there mission is to Protect and Serve the citizens. Our taxes pay the Police department salary and we never authorized drones to be used to spy on us hard working Americans.