Ever since hip-hop appeared on the scene there were those who thought it would never last. Well, as with all things that have presence, meaning and a message, hip-hop was here to stay. Those of us who live here in Buffalo, NY who have bought up every ticket to tonight's concert  can attest to that. With Salt & Pepa, Kurtis Blow, Whodini, Doug E. Fresh and Rob Base one can't help but feel in the presence of  Hip-Hop Royalty. 

These greats have been around since the 80's and there music has stood the test of time. Each one of them has blazed trails in the industry that hip-hop/rap artist hold in the utmost  respect today. I can only imagine what memories these song will bring back to those of us who were right there with them at the height of their early careers and who will be there tonight. I am so looking forward to tonight concert at Shea's Buffalo.  The weather here in Buffalo right now is SNOW......but I guarantee you it's not enough to keep me and the rest of the Legend of Hip Hop fans home tonight.  A sista is ready to break a sweat!!!!