A transplant listed their ten first impressions of Buffalo in a post on Visit Buffalo Niagara. Number one on the list, "Five Minutes Means Five Minutes," and we all know that one to be true. Traffic in Buffalo is hardly a huge obstacle on the average day. We add to that, "You can get anywhere in 15 minutes."

Second? "I can see Canada from my house." Yes, Canada is literally right there. You can probably see it, which means you should also probably watch your cellphone so it doesn't accidentally think you've traveled abroad and start charging you!

Five? This one we want to know your opinion on, "Anchor Bar is Buffalo's version of Cheers." If you mean the real Cheers in Boston, which is a tourist trap and locals rarely go to, then yes. This is spot on.

Also on the list: "It's always football and hockey season." Well, we can't argue with that. Go into Tops anytime of year and there is an entire section dedicated to the sports gear!