Tonight's BIG DUMMY is Nikkiya Patterson. On Sunday, the 28-year-old tried to steal a wig from a beauty supply store in Stockton, California, but when the the owner confronted her, Nikkiya attacked him. After the fight was over she kicked in the front door then called police, claiming the store owner and/or his mother assaulted her. Wow ! When cops arrived, Nikkiya was arrested and charged with robbery, theft and battery on a peace officer. She remains jailed on $53,000 bond.

Sometimes in life you just have to cut your losses. This woman got caught stealing and was dealt with accordingly. Instead of just going home and realizing sometimes things don't go as planned when stealing. She actually takes the time to call the police to help her out because she was caught stealing. What was she thinking ? My bad she wasn't thinking welcome Nikkiya the wig thief to the BIG DUMMY FILES. The sad thing about this is she would have gotten away if she didn't call the police on her self. She went from a simple theft charge to a robbery charge and assault on an officer.