The Notorious B.I.G. would've been 40 today. Here are 5 of my favorite Notorious B.I.G. songs.

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    Unbelievable - The word play on this song is crazy! Dj Premiere on the beat equals a win/win situation.

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    One More chance really changed the game when it comes to records that cater to females.

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    Story To Tell - I wish B.I.G. lived to make a video to this but really none is needed because the story is told so vividly through the lyrics.

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    Warning - The story on this track is incredible also I love how he switched he voice up when he was rapping to himself. This made him really seem like he was having a conversation.

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    Suicidal Thoughts - A lot of people don't like this song because its so sad. That's the exact reason I do like it he is expressing how some people really feel and the way he painted a picture like a phone conversation who else could do that but BIG.