On Easter Sunday, instead of celebrating with family and loved ones, a hacker decides to spend his afternoon speading hate!

Drivers on their way home from Easter dinner were shocked and appaled by this sign found on I-94 as they left Detroit entering Dearborn Michigan. Police were notified by the offended drivers and the sign was quickly taken down. It was up for about an hour.

See the News story from an ABC affliate in Detroit:

According to Rob Morosi, a spokesperson for Michigan Department Of Transportation, the hacker physically broke into the portable contruction sign and altered the message on a keyboard. The vandal also stole the keyboard.

The vandal could face mulitple charges for this crime, but what about Trayvon Martin's murdere? He is still free and uncharged.

In other Trayvon News, a California Rapper G DotO was featured in Yahoo Music News the other day for his tribute music video for the young Florida Teen, which documents the last days of Trayvon.

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