Pistol Toting Grandma…. Threatens to shoot a man that was running from the police ! Karen Granville said she heard the Sheriff’s helicopter and sirens while laying in bed at about three in the morning Tuesday.

Granville, 64, said she grabbed her pistol and ran outside, and came face to face with a carjacking suspect. She told deputies she said, “Stop right there [expletive], or you’re going to be dead where you stand.”

This is funny, she said the suspect, Roderick Willis, pleaded with her not to shoot. I don’t know if I really believe the story went down like this woman explained it. When watching the whole story she seems a little delusional. A shrine of John Wayne memorial and so on and so forth and this just happens to be the backyard this guy runs into ? Come on son …..

Also it was funny to me how the news tries to villainize the suspect to make a good story. They never say what he was being chased for, then they never mention how much marijuana or cocaine was in the car, but make it perfectly clear that he had 2,000 dollars on him. Implying that he is a drug dealer, also they make a big deal out of him having a suspended license. They made this petty criminal look like Tony Montana in this clip; and this Grandma to be a pistol toting modern day John Wayne (Who was incredible racist by the way).

While he was probably doing the wrong thing running from the police; does not constitute this lady to take the law in her own hands. Putting her life in danger over something that had nothing to do with her. If she would've shot this man she would've been charged with a crime. This is not a John Wayne movie or the Wild Wild West Ms Granville, luckily she did not hurt her self or any one else. Welcome Karen Granville to the BIG DUMMY FILES.