Buffalo’s own and star of Love & Hip Hop NY Stevie J, owes over $1 million dollars in back child support. His ex-girlfriend Carol Bennett, who is the mother of two out of six of Stevie’s children have filed documents claiming that he is seriously behind in his child support payments .

Now this is reportedly stemming all the way from the 1990’s. Carol used to work for a big record label and may not have needed the money at the time, but in reality he has to pay up. According to NY State law, it is illegal to leave the state once you owe more than $10,000 and Stevie J moved from NY to ATL a few years ago. We all know New York State doesn’t play when it comes to child support and Stevie could get locked up if he doesn’t bring this account current.

I’m sure he’s making a pretty penny right now from VH1, so hopefully he gets the matter under control and in the meantime doesn’t have any more babies. Make him wrap it up Joseline!!!!