When I woke up all snug under the covers in my heated home, I barely noticed it was 5 degrees outside. But for many Buffalo residents there is little escape from the freezing temps. Find out how you can help inside. 


Men, Women and Children in Western New York are homeless! Shelters such as the Buffalo Mission provide hot meals, a warm place to sleep, clothes, blankets and other essential items to those in need. But they need you and I to help! Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something!

Here's what we can do.


The Buffalo mission has a list of things they need right now on their website. You can stop by 100 E Tupper and donate warm clothes, winter coats, socks, boots etc for men, women and babies.

Buffalo Mission




For less than $2 the city mission can provide a hot meal to someone in need. Of course the more you donate, the more meals you buy! Donate online here


You don't think all those donations and meals get distributed by themselves do you?

Sign up as a Volunteer and see first hand the impact your donation has on the community. Remember a hot meal lasts a day, but a warm smile warms the heart for a lifetime!