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Meet DJ A-Smooth

At an early age, A-Smooth was introduced to the music scene through Nickelodeon’s TV show, All That. The show featured LL Cool J frequently and always had two DJs performing alongside him. It was a result of this captivating show that A-Smooth became fascinated with scratching and the art of DJing. However, the only problem was that his father wouldn’t allow him to use his turntable. He claimed, “You will ruin the records!!!” So instead, his parents bought him a radio shack microphone and let him rock the house. Little did they know that this would be their son’s “calling.” Fast forward through the years to A-Smooth’s first purchase of CD turntables at the age of 14 when he met the Denon DJ team and became fascinated all over again. At 15 years old, A-Smooth was demoing their products at trade shows and mixing before hundreds of potential customers. Now age 19, A-Smooth has been part of several crews and radio stations such as Lo Maximo Productions, AListRadio.net, and Flava 105.5 Worcester (FM Radio). His calling is primarily as a Club, Radio, and Mixtape DJ.

Today, he is building a name to become one of the top DJs. A-Smooth has achieved a buzz both nationally and internationally. You can catch him on AListRadio.net Monday thru Wednesday at 3PM for his “I Luv the 90s” show, his monthly YouTube video mixes, and at clubs in Worcester, Massachusetts, and in New York City where he currently resides.

If the name is unfamiliar to you, the work he has accomplished definitely is not. He has been involved with #THEBESTSHOWEVER on Saturdays from 10am-2pm with the Crowdmover L.Boogs and DJ Kast One at the World Famous Hot 97, been featured on MTV.com’s Mixtape Monday, Jumpoff TV’s Mixtape of the Week, Flava 105.5 FM Worcester, and been a product demonstrator for DenonDJ, Rane/Serato, and Community Loud Speakers. Most recently, he opened for Lloyd Banks of G-Unit this year.

Get to know the future of entertainment with DJ A-Smooth.

Check Him out at www.Djasmooth.com