After the disappointing, non-eventful 12.21.12, Earth Day 2013 brings about the long-awaited disclosure of UFOs and Aliens!

Tonight in Hollywood, a sold-out theater full of UFO believers and skeptics alike will witness 20 years of research by Disclosure Project founder Dr. Steven Greer.

"Sirius’ is a film of the people, by the people, and for the people, as it is the result of the highest documentary crowd-funding raise in history."

'Sirius' deals not only with the subject of UFO and ET visitation disclosure but also with the advanced, clean and alternative energy technology that's getting them here. 'Sirius' goes into eye-opening detail regarding how the disclosure of such technologies, some of which have been suppressed for decades, can enable humanity to leave the age of the polluting petrodollar, transform society and improve mankind's chances for the survival.


Personally, I refuse to believe that with the thousands of planets in the various galaxies, Earth is the ONLY one with intelligent life! This little guy was found in a ghost town called La Noria in Chile's Atacama Desert. He is thought to be from a star system on the other side of a black hole!

A little behind-the-scenes note about this movie 'Sirius': Soon after director Amardeep Kaleka of Never Ending Light Productions signed onto this project, his father was killed at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. Was this a warning shot from the government NOT to put out this information about the existence of ET?

This just goes to show you the information being brought to light in the film is not only important -- it is SIRIUS!!!