I'm looking SO forward to playing this game from home ... IT'S SO EXCITING!!!!!....but at the same time... There's something strange about this that makes me SKEPTICAL!!!!

I can't help but envision the Jetsons and their ability to talk to the TV and the TV talk back...


It seems we are living in "The Jetsons Era"... but what if it's all a set up to "get in your business / home"?  What is this ios soome experimenatl research disguised within a National Game Show designed to develop ebem more "MIND CONTROL" over the Masses.  Television has already been successful in shaping what SOCIETY IS SUPPOSED TO EMULATE.  People do whatever the TV tells hem to do.  It;s all subliminal... the Reality Shows teach women to be more AGGRESSIVE... and women are... TV shows you what a song LOOKS LIKE and you absorb it then try to become what you've seen...well not everyone...but many!!

Enter a New / Interactive Game Show which you can play FROM HOME and then from your Living Room..or Phone for atht amtter.... you can end up on NATIONAL TV.... hmmmm!!!!!  There HAS TO BE SOME SAFEGUARD NBC HAS SET UP SO THE MOST UNDESIRABLE OF PERSONS DOESN"T GET "Whicked Away" TO PLAY THIS GAME ON TV!

What if the person with the most points is this person?


To prevent this from being the case... maybe once you download the app... you can be seen!!!!  Who knows!

Well... I'm looking forward to this GROUNDBREAKING GAME!!!!  I'll just take my chances on  being "SPIED ON"!!!

What are your thoughts?...WATCH!!!!!