Yasmin Young sat down with BJ of Beyond Christmas Ministries to talk about the charity on the web series Community Connect! If you like what you hear, get involved in what Beyond Christmas is doing!

Beyond Christmas is a non-profit organization that works to expand the circle of concern and support for others through fundraising, Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs), Spontaneous Acts of Compassion™ (SACs), and Planned Acts of Kindness™ (PAKs) - BEYOND the Christmas season.

Our mission is to carry out ONE MILLION RAKs, SACs and PAKs with the help of like-minded people.


Missionary Evangelist BJ Kelley
Founder and Director
Beyond Christmas Ministries
Ministry Telephone: (716) 650-0068

Main: http://BeyondChristmas.org
Report a RAK, SACTM or PAKTM done or received http://Angels.BeyondChristmas.org

Facebook & Twitter!
Facebook: http://Facebook.com/BeyondChristmas
Twitter: http://Twitter.com/BCRAKs (to track RAKs & SACs)
Twitter: http://Twitter.com/BeyondChristmas (general info)

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