This is coming from Members of MIAKA (Men Interested In Alpha Kappa Alpha). These mean are interested in joining the exclusive sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated. They are threatening to file a lawsuit claiming discrimination and homophobia. The men, all homosexual, have imitated everything AKA, from their signature calls and attire, to their probate shows. They are upset because they have been refused admittance because they are not women.

When I first read this story I had to laugh. That's like a boy being mad because they can't join the girl scouts. This is so RIDICULOUS, A.K.A.'s or any of sorority has nothing to do with sexual preference, its a FEMALE group. I'm pretty sure that if they do sue the case will be dismissed because this is just plain stupid. The homosexual community needs to beware of people like this because they downgrade your cause. If your fighting for equal rights for important things likes (jobs,schools,etc) you can't have people using it for their own personal gain. Then your cause turns into the classic case of the boy that cries wolf. (IE black people who overuse the race card.)

Why not start up your own gay fraternity for gay men ? Better yet just join a regular fraternity their are gay members of every single black greek organization. These gender specific groups aren't allowed to discriminate on a person because of their sexual preference. Have pride in being who you are. Don't try to make some one accept you into their gender specific group because you happen to have to have the same sexual preference. That impedes on their right to be who they are (FEMALES). Welcome these MIAKA's into the BIG DUMMY FILES. What do you think should they be allowed to join ?