At WBLK we have a responsibility to keep you informed regarding a bevy of it good, bad, weird, etc.  The information we share is diverse because we have a diverse makeup of persons and personalities we communicate with.

I commend my co-workers Jazzy-T and DJ Supreme for they job they do communicating with our younger listeners and relating to them.  I obviously know Jazzy and Supreme personally and am impressed by their ability to communicate and expose things which, most of the time, are not reflective of their own lifestyles.

One example of that is a video I watched on a blog that Jazzy T recently posted regarding some beef Rick Ross is having with an organization called the GDs.  The video, which you can watch by clicking the link below, was highly disturbing to me in that the person speaking in the video speaks about the organization (the GDs) being such that they promote GROWTH in the African-American community...and I'm thinking to myself....HUH!!!!????

What type of GROWTH are we talking about when the entire gist of the oration by "6 Tre Gangsta" is such that he's bothered by the fact that this organization allowed Rick Ross to use their posterity for financial gain and popularity, and, in turn, they're asking Rick Ross to support their efforts in the African-American community by appearing with them in talking to youth and the community to promote this "GROWTH" they speak of.  So I'm thinking...RICK to the COMMUNITY about WHAT?????!!!!!

Would Rick Ross talk to the YOUTH and "THE COMMUNITY" about how GOD FORGIVES BUT HE DOES NOT (which is the message in the title of his latest CD 'God Forgives, I Don't')…or would he talk to the YOUTH and THE COMMUNITY about why the songs "Pray For Us" and "Ten Jesus Pieces", on his latest CD, both of which have EXPLICIT lyrics and use the word "NIGGA"....or maybe he would talk about GROWTH by explaining how and why so many of his CD releases have the PARENTAL ADVISORY / EXPLICIT LYRICS symbol attached.  Is this the kind of GROWTH or example of GROWTH we're looking for in our YOUTH and COMMUNITY.  And as for the GDs...if this is their idea of a spokesperson who can help them promote GROWTH in OUR COMMUNITY and we have a choice in saying "OK, we approve"…or is this some gansta mentality move such that we have no choice in the matter....they are just going to GROW our children however they see fit?

Based on...I guess...the subliminal threat made and directed toward Rick Ross in the video, which you'll watch by clicking the link below, I was hesitant to write this blog and give my opinion...because apparently...based on the oration in the video by "6 Tre Gangsta" (I'm laughably assuming that's his name)... there's no room for ANYONE saying anything negative about this GD organization, and if you do...well then the "YOUNG DUMB NIGGAS", identified as such in the video…will do what they gotta do to Rick Ross...and ME…AND YOU?  Hmmmm.

Well GDs… it's important enough to me to expose this GROWTH MOVEMENT, which is a HUGE MOVE BACKWARDS to me, in exchange for whatever might happen.  Who wants to support a group of individuals who promote GROWTH perpetuated by a mindset that can only be comparable to their lifestyle and mentality or OR ELSE?  Not ME!  SORRY!