Last Friday (Feb. 5) DJ Khaled debuted his new We The Best show on Beats 1 radio with Future to premiere the Atlanta rapper's new EVOL album. Now they've released the complete interview in video form, and it shows them talking about their new Apple Music deals, the inspiration behind Purple Reign, and the making of EVOL.

"We're putting more content out. We're putting documentaries out," Future tells Khaled about his newly signed deal with Apple Music. "We want to do short films and be able to have an outlet because we don't have the time to make a whole movie. I want to have no edit [and] be able to put out short films. Just like the music - we get the chance to put it out when we want to put it out."

Future says Purple Reign was something he wanted to put out for free so the fans could have a piece of music to accompany his upcoming tour of the same name, while EVOL is more about the sacrifices he's made to become a star.

Khaled also commends Future for always showing love to DJs. "If the DJ not spinning your record, you wouldn't be doing what you're doing," he tells Khaled. The DJ comes first. I want to be able to hire the DJs to be the A&Rs. The ones who know the music, who really in the trenches, really in the clubs, and have them be a part of big albums."

Surprisingly, Future says DS2 is his favorite project to date. "DS2 was the moment that I feel like helped the people to understand me as an artist. Monster, Beast Mode, 56 Nights were the connection. DS2 helped people understand why I did Monster, Beast Mode, and 56 Nights." Towards the end, Future talks about recording "Lil Haiti Baby" in Khaled's Miami studio after riding around Little Haiti.

Watch the entire video interview right here and check out our review of Future's EVOL.

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