French Montana appeared on The Breakfast Club and found himself creating a bit of controversy. The South Bronx rapper argued that Kendrick Lamar is being positioned so highly by the industry in an effort to move hip-hop away from street rap.

The whole discussion began when Charlamagne asked French about the "Why isn't street rap selling like Kendrick?" line on the Wave Gods intro. The Coke Boys artist seemingly dodged the question before Charlamagne asked it again later in the interview. French finally provided his answer.

"Because they position [Kendrick], like how they did at the Grammys, as the new music,” he said. "I don't feel like that's... It’s not that it’s not the right thing to do, but I just feel like they... You see like the whole thing was like Kendrick night."

Charlamagne pushed back at this, saying that Kendrick Lamar put himself in that position by making that kind of album. French agreed, but said Kendrick did something drastically different from most hip-hop music out today.

"But that album [To Pimp A Butterfly] don’t sound like nothing that’s out," French responded. "The whole hip-hop game don't sound like that. He took that one step to the left. That's not what you listen to all the time, right?"

French Montana then tried to make a point that Kendrick Lamar's music would somehow take people away from street rap.

"That's what I'm saying," French responded. "I feel like they just position you as the new face of hip-hop, so now people are gonna start...Know what I'm saying?"

Angela Yee asked if the Bad Boy rapper felt the marketing was making Kendrick the new face of hip-hop.

"Yeah," French said. "They put him on that platform so they could shift music towards that direction."

The whole conversation saw French Montana downplaying Kendrick Lamar's autonomy to create the music he wanted to make. Intentional or not, French made it sound like Kendrick was just a pawn in the game because the Compton rapper was not creating music like other popular acts in the current hip-hop landscape.

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