Craigslist is an awesome place to search for free items, yet many times you end up finding free crap that no one wants and makes you wonder, "Why aren't they just throwing this stuff out?!"

Here are six free items that can be found on Buffalo Craigslist that you will actually use.

  • Burger Time Arcade Video Came

    Come on this would be pretty cool in a game room!

  • Grill

  • Mobile/ Trailer Home

    Obviously this one isn't for everyone, but this could be a good find if you are looking for a project, look specifically for a mobile home or have a lot of property and might be interested in a 'clubhouse'.

  • Firewood

    Really, you can always use a little firewood.

  • Piano

    If you have the space and an interest in music, this might be a cool find for you.

  • Entertainment Stand + TV

    Need an entertainment center? This one looks nice and it comes with a TV. Yes, it's an old one but it could be good in kid's room or a playroom or the basement.