What happened to the talented 10th W.E.B. Du Bois was talking about ? Well one of the alleged talented 10th has made his way into the BIG DUMMY FILES. Welcome Mr. Preston Bailey the former Offensive Lineman from Middle Tennessee University who was arrested and charged with with possession of a schedule VI drug with intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia. Officers found nearly a pound of marijuana - 27.9 grams in a plastic bag in his dirty clothes hamper, five glass jars weighing 322.5 grams and another 6.2 grams of hash - and $3,000 in cash. Police also found scales, a grinder and a vaporizer.

Middle Tennessee offensive lineman Preston Bailey did just that as he told Murfreesboro police he, "used his scholarship money as startup money for his illegal drug sales business," according to police spokesman Kyle Evans. He didn't know he had THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT obviously.

The Daily News Journal reported that during the 2010-11 school year, the student-athlete received $4,466 for housing annually and $3,574 a year for food. This was in addition to a full scholarship, books and student fees. A free education food, and housing, sounds like he had it made.

"This is extremely disappointing and in no way represents the values we instill within our football program," coach Rick Stockstill said in a statement. "As I tell our team on a daily basis, every choice you make has consequences. If you make good choices, you will get good results. And if you make bad choices, then you will have bad results."

There are a million other ways to invest your money other than selling weed. Preston had a positive way to get out of whatever situation he was in before going to college get an education and find a legit way to make money. Instead he took his school scholarship money and probably thought he was "Rick Ross" or "Young Jeezy". Now he has to deal with the real life consequences of his actions. He will be kicked out of school, and have a criminal record. Both of which will make it hard for him to find a job, its amazing how one stupid decision can mess up your life. Welcome Preston Bailey to the BIG DUMMY FILES.