Fetty Wap has welcomed a new artist to the Zoo Gang family. The 2015 XXL Freshman went on Instagram to announce that Drebo has joined the Zoo Gang lineup.

The "Trap Queen" singer also hyped up a song by Drebo called "Squeezed Up," directing his fans to listen to the new Zoo Gang member's track. It is unclear whether Drebo is signed in some way or simply joining the Zoo Gang collective. XXL has reached out to Fetty Wap's label 300 Entertainment for comment and have yet to hear back.

Outside of Fetty Wap's expanding empire, the New Jersey native recently teased the idea of a collaboration project with Young Thug. During that interview, Fetty Wap revealed that it does not take long for him to record the hits he's been churning out.

"It don’t really take that long for me to do a song... in like three hours, I probably make like four or five songs," Fetty Wap said. "If I just do hooks, I could probably make like ten songs in an hour. Like all hooks, no verses, and the adlibs. And I’m talking about final, not a rough draft, a final. When you love to do something its not work to you. This is not work to me. And that’s what people don’t understand about me. I might not be the best lyricist, you know what I’m saying. My lyrics might not be the best to certain people. I may not make the type of music everybody like. I make what I like and that’s why I am the way that I am."

Fetty Wap concluded that it would only take him and Young Thug one night to complete a collaboration project. With today's era of surprise releases, it sounds like Fetty and Thug could spring one on fans any day.

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