Clique x Fetty Wap by cliquetv

French website Clique TV has been scoring some of the most essential rap interviews on the planet, from Young Thug to Future to Travi$ Scott. Now they've sat down with the New Jersey superstar and former XXL Freshman Fetty Wap as he talks about working with Thug, the legacy of Gucci Mane, and more.

Throughout the interview, the Paterson hitmaker detailed just how fast he can conjure up one of his bangers.

"It don't really take that long for me to do a like three hours, I probably make like four or five songs. If I just do hooks, I could probably make like ten songs in an hour. Like all hooks, no verses, and the adlibs. And I'm talking about final, not a rough draft, a final," said Wap. "When you love to do something its not work to you. This is not work to me. And that's what people don't understand about me. I might not be the best lyricist, you know what I'm saying. My lyrics might not be the best to certain people. I may not make the type of music everybody like. I make what I like and that's why I am the way that I am."

Later in the interview, when asked if a collaborative album with Young Thug, who makes his songs at the same speed, would take maybe three days, Fetty nonchalantly proclaimed, "probably a night." And when asked when it would actually happen, Fetty said, "he don't push the isssue, I don't push the issue. We're just two artists that really fuck with each other. So when the time comes, we'll get down to it."

While Fetty and Thugger fans wait for this hot fire to come to fruition, they can mull over Zoovier's self-titled debut album, which dropped back in September, and Thug's latest mixtape, I'm Up.

Check out Fetty's interview in its entirety above.

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