"Free Wired" isn't just the title of Far East Movement's debut album -- it's a way of life.  The group tells UsMagazine.com that "Free Wired" is a term they created to describe their lifestyle.  They say, quote, "The free part is just geeking out as yourself, going hard as yourself...The wired side is living our lives online.  We do food blogs, we do video blogs..."  Far East Movement's fans may be familiar with their food blog, but non-fans may have also been exposed to their restaurant ratings.  The band says one of their blogs ended up on well-known food website Zagat.com.  Far East Movement says, quote, "Zagat put up one of our cheesesteak challenges we did in Philly...We are aiming for Food Network one day -- we are gunning for Bobby Flay!"
Far East Movement's debut album, "Free Wired," features the single "Like A G6" and is in stores now.